Final and complete LEUVENAIR dataset

The final Leuvenair dataset contains all Leuvenair measurements from 2018-01-30 till 2020-02-02 (included), 29 077 573 records in total.

Timeframe Download link Size Integrity (md5sum)
Complete datadump 2018 (from 2018-01-30) LEUVENAIRfulldump2018.csv.gz 208 Mb 327888b614605dff16de2fcde0bc8c0a
Complete datadump 2019 LEUVENAIRfulldump2019.csv.gz 198 Mb 2746ddfd120f7d13eae04dfc038f6cc8
Complete datadump 2020 (till 2020-02-02) LEUVENAIRfulldump2020.csv.gz 16 Mb b2649bd235a181188cfc800b15b1f395
5-Min median of all active sensors (till 2021-04-05) LEUVENAIRfulldumpMedian.csv.gz 2.5 Mb 1174eb262797a1ee907b155e10234e6e

Some guidelines for the analysis

(will be updated when new questions come in).

Metadata sensors

Link to a tabular overview of the LEUVENAIR sensors or downloadable as a JSON file.


Leuvenair data are open data licensed under the CC-BY licence.